Exploring the Types of Wine

Wine plays a role in various cultures all over the world; it is used in rituals, thanksgiving ceremonies, as well as religious celebrations. But the taste of wine didn’t skip any generation because until now, you can travel all across Europe, the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand and you can see the vast grape plantation, winery, and top of the line wine making equipment that is set up in hectares of land.

There are many types of wine that can be purchased in many grocery and liquor stores today. Actually, the list can be endless because every now and then, a new variety is being added to the current list; but, the most common types today include the red wine, the white wine, the blush wine, the non-alcoholic wine, the fruit or commonly known as the country wine, and of course the sparkling wine. These specific types also have specific pairings when it comes to food because based on the people who published the said wine and food pairings, you will experience delectable flavors if you choose the right wine and the right food.

The types stated earlier also have the sub categories which are based on the grape variety that they are derived from. Under red wine are the following:

  • Barbera wines: This type is made from the Barbera grape which is almost the same as the Merlot but the taste is a bit silky and sweet.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon wines:This is the type derived from among the world’s best grape variety.
  • Merlot wines: This type is known to elicit a tannic flavor which makes it easy to ingest. These are commonly served in many social gatherings due to the fact that it can go with any dish.
  • Pinot Noir wines: This type has been recognized to be made from grapes that are grown rarely because of the level of difficulty in cultivating the said variety.
  • Shiraz wines: This type is said to portray a very fruity taste and can blend well with beef based meals.
  • Zinfandel wines: This type is processed by using fine crafted wine making equipment because of it versatility.

In the wine-making process, there are important aspects that are being followed in order to reach the desired flavor, aroma, and the type of wine. Furthermore, before wine making equipment are purchased and used, they also need to undergo a quality check in order to make sure that it will help manufacture a great tasting wine that

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